Logo Designs & Custom Painted Basketball Courts by Kurt Godula

Kourt Graphics specializes in mascot design and application of center court logos and lettering for basketball court surfaces. From NBA stadiums to school gymnasiums, Kurt has designed and painted hundreds of courts. He'd love to paint yours next.

From Kurt…

When it is time to replace or refinish your gymnasium floor, consider the importance of the sports graphics that focus the spirit of the team and energize the fans and students. The paints I use are all professional flooring paint products such as Bona Sport Paint for hardwood basketball floors, and Endura 2-Part Epoxy for synthetic basketball floors, and the highest quality professional enamels for all Wall Graphics. I travel to each job site and personally hand paint all of the basketball courts and wall graphics myself. If you do not have a flooring contractor, I can recommend highly qualified flooring companies that I have worked with.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your basketball court graphics with you and let photographs of my work, and customer testimonials back up my professional status.

"The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten."